Fixed price agile software projects: The good, the bad and the ugly

Fixed price agile projects are software development ventures which agencies execute based on the fixed price agile contract method.   The fixed price agile method, otherwise known as an agile fixed-price contract is a contractual agreement between a software development company and a software client where they allow for a pilot test phase before agreeing […]

The problem with outsourcing software development projects

Software development outsourcing can be very beneficial if used properly. However, if you don’t employ the best practices, you might encounter some problems when outsourcing software development projects.   In this post, we take a cursory look at some of the popular issues that clients encounter with software development outsourcing, and we proffer some solutions […]

Times and Material vs Fixed Cost – which is best for your mobile app project?

The times and material contract model and the fixed cost model are the most popular models when it comes to mobile app projects.   Although they are not the only available contract options, we have seen in our experience at Sprinthub Mobile that they are the most popular contract models among our clients and our […]

Complete guide to writing mobile app user stories with examples

When developing mobile apps, you need to clearly define who the users are and what they can do with your app. Without user stories, it can take a lot of documentation for every stakeholder to truly understand the product’s functionality and value from the user point of view. SO WHAT ARE USER STORIES? User stories […]