Minimum Viable Product: Creating a minimum viable product for your app


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April 8, 2019


The cost and time duration in building your app are some of the things that can make most people have a rethink about building that fantastic app.
The risk level is especially high when you are not sure if your ideal users will accept or reject your app. Which of course you can’t know unless you build the app, and which you can develop unless you are sure your ideal users will like and accept your app.

Building an app can be frightening because of the risk involved. However, thanks to this development technique, you can now develop your app with limited risk.

With this development technique, you can develop your app with less cost and at the fastest possible time, making it available to your ideal users to see their reactions towards your app and while getting feedback from them and improving your app.
This development technique is called MVP.

What is MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is the least acceptable features of your app that you can build at the fastest possible time.

According to Technopedia
“A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.”

“You’re selling the vision and delivering the minimum feature set to visionaries not everyone.” — Steve Blank Click To Tweet

In building an MVP app, you are developing a primary feature of your app and putting it in the hand of your users.
Building an MVP of your app does not mean you will throw away all the unique features you plan on having for your app that will make your app to be exquisite.

But it means you can start with the basic features that are enough to capture the attention of early adopters. And then you can develop the app as time goes by.

With your app in place, you can release it to early adopters for market testing. As it will enable you to collect analytics on the performance of your app, carry out customer interviews and analyse users feedback which you can use to provide a better app solution and user experience

You can use those result to improve the quality of your app further while adding those other features that are capable of making your app stand out.

The golden rule is that each additional feature release of your MVP should offer a better solution for your customers: solve their problems faster and better.

Mvp is broken down into three simple steps
  • start with a single, simple product solving a tiny subset of a Grand Problem;
  • Keep iterating, while constantly solving bigger, related problems en route to solving the Grand Problem;
  • Consistently communicate the vision of the Grand Problem that will be resolved.

Benefits of building an MVP

Be able to test a product hypothesis with minimal resources

We can initiate an idea from personal observation, scientific research, educative guesses. But it’s all seen as a hypothesis that needs to be tested in a real-life situation. Releasing an MVP app can help you test out your hypothesis with real-time users.

Speed up learning

The MVP process is a continuous process approach. Build – Measure – Enhance. Data gotten from the market testing acts as a guideline for learning and working

Reduce wasted engineering hours

The timeline for developing MVP is moderately short, causing engineers to focus on those key features that will enable the app to be released to the market.

Get the product to early customers as soon as possible

This is mostly helpful when you need to meet up a deadline. Developing an MVP version of your app gets your app in the hand of users at the shortest time.

Less time and money consuming

In developing an MVP, you spend less. This gives you the ability to meet up with your limited budget and the best part is that you don’t have to pay more money in the project unless you see results or until you have a strategic plan on how to improve your product.

If you opt to create your MVP app, book a call with our mobile specialist to find out more about how we can help you develop an MVP for your app idea.


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