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App marketing: 12 Strategies to Increase your App’s Download - Sprinthub: Top Software Development Company in Nigeria
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App marketing: 12 Strategies to Increase your App’s Download

LAST UPDATED: July 3, 2020

Ovwighose Marykate

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According to Statista, smartphone users worldwide are expected to touch the number of four million by 2020. With so much market, you would think your app will have users rushing in and downloading, but that’s not the case for most business app owners. Instead of the owner getting thousands of download for their app, they get barely a dozen downloads. Although some might think their app’s functionality is bad, that might not be the case.

An app can get a downturn in investment when it is not properly marketed. Marketing matters in building a successful app. In fact, the general rule of thumb is to spend as much time marketing your app as you develop them.

Develop a marketing strategy for your app, using different stages of users’ journey. Acquisition, activation and retention stage. Marketing your app will increase your app’s downloads by 250%. There are different strategy or method for marketing your mobile app.

Let’s look into them

1. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing might not be a new concept but it has taken a massive turnaround in recent years, dues to its effectiveness. influencer marketing has to with engaging influencers to give a shout out about your app. It is leveraging on the influence of an individual to increase awareness and downloads.

You can find influencers for your keyword by using Type your app’s keyword and check for the first 5 links, at least 3 of the top 5 are influencers. You can also search on social media for top influencers for your industry.  Reach out to them and get them to give a shout out for your app. Although some are not for free but it can bring download and awareness for your app.

2. Marketing from your website

Your website is the best platform to market your app because you can control the contents. Use your website, by posting regularly on your blog post, putting your download link in your home page, footer section, and add a pop-up link to download.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to build awareness for your app. Building a social media presence for your brand takes time that’s why you must start early even before you launch your app. You can use Facebook and LinkedIn group for publicizing your app, creating a business page for your app and building but be careful not to be spammy in your communication. The perfect way to market on social media is to use the jab, jab punch principle, educate, entertain and then you sell.

4. Paid Advertising

Paid ads get you publicity quickly than any other marketing strategy. It is quick and effective but it isn’t free. There are different ads you can do to market your app, like social media and web search ads, banner ads within apps or on websites, in-app pop up (interstitial) ads within apps.

5. Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the best way to build trust especially with your potential customers. In fact, 88% of consumers place a high level of trust in word-of-mouth recommendation from people they know. So Get people talking about your app, ask for reviews from people already using your app, encourage them to share on social media for a prize. Whether you are using word of mouth or electronic word of mouth, try as much as possible to get positive reviews from your users

6. Guest post

This can be done by requesting to be a guest blogger in a top and respectable blog. This strategy is good because you get to leverage on the site’s visitors to increase engagement for your app. You can use this medium to blog about your app or something related to your app that will add value to your potential users.

7. Submit to Round-up/Review sites

Getting a good review from a popular site can earn you thousands of visitors in your website and downloads for your app. Lets say you develop a hotel booking app, how you can find a round-up post is by searching “hotel booking app review or roundup”, select the top 5 reviews or roundup websites, and send them a pitch explaining what your app is about and its benefits, at the end of your pitch you can ask them to use your app and feature your app as part of their round-up post. this method can get you free publicity from other websites.

8. ASO and SEO your app:

Optimizing your app for the app store can also help boost your apps’s visibility. One out of 4 people search for an app in the app store. The search might not be the name of an app, but can be on the functionality or benefit, for example, “app that books hotels”. Optimize your description with keyword related to your app, optimize your app’s name and your app’s image. As it will enhance your visibility in the app search

9. Email marketing

Email marketing is a good way to market your app, sending out emails to those in your email list, before during and after you launch your app. Adding a link to your app’s store on your email signature. Email marketing is a great way to remind potential users to download your app, and also build awareness and anticipation for your app.

10. Demo and promotion video:

Creating demo videos before the launch of your app, and promo for your app after launch is a good way to promote your app. In releasing your promo video, make sure that the full features of your app are clearly laid out. The video should be short and professional.

11. Publish your App in Alternate App Store

Getting your app out in other app stores can increase your app’s download rate, because of the level of competition in those apps store. Amazon app store, Getjar, Mobogenie, Slideme, Uptodown are examples of alternative app stores for your app.

12. Network

Networking increases your visibility, through online and offline community engagement, join groups, speak at events, talk about your app and make sure people around you and in your industry are aware of your app. Tell those in your community to try out your product, give out discounts in a seminar if you have a paid app, and also incentives for downloading your app.


Marketing is all about testing, trying out what works best for your app. If you have other ways, you can add it on the comment box below.

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